Parents --

Here are some highlights of our SEL Tuesdays instruction and favorite songs, to review with your kids!  Have your child tell you about some of the things they are learning during our Second Step lessons in the D2E Center.  These are catchy songs with a purpose, to help us manage strong emotions, apply calm-down skills, and use problem-solving steps.  In stressful times, these are helpful messages for us adults, too!  

Take time to love, listen and learn from your child!  They are amazing, and our joy to work with, at school, or online.  Watch for periodic updates.  Questions?  Email Mrs. Campbell: 

Be safe, be healthy, be D2E!

~ Mrs. Harp and Mrs. Campbell (2:45) Calm It Down Dance / song (1:57) S.T.E.P. 4 Problem-Solving Steps (song & poster/no video) (2:34) Walk, Walk, Walk (in their shoes) song (1:00:00) The Step Song (for 1 hour!) Reggae song reminds us of the Four Problem-Solving Steps (3:30 = one time thru song)

Managing strong emotions (4-part lesson of what goes on inside us when we get upset, and ways we can help ourselves calm down): (1:24) (2:24) (3:26) (1:12)