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Mrs. Jacobs' Classroom Information


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Ms. Wood's Classroom Information


I want each and every one of you to be successful this school year.  In order to be successful, we need to work together.  If you give 100%, each day you will be successful.   Giving 100% means that you turn in completed assignments ask questions if you don’t understand an assignment and use your class time wisely.  When you are presented with class time to work on an assignment, use that time to complete your work.


We will be having Mrs. Cantlin’s help during most class periods throughout the day.

Student Responsibilities

1.You need to utilize your S.O.A.R. binder system.  

  • You need to carry your S.O.A.R binder to all your classes and keep the appropriate papers in the the correct pockets.
  • Every two weeks you should clear out any graded papers or old paper and put them in your hanging file in Ms. Wood’s classroom.


2. Carry your assignment notebook to each class.

  • Keep track of all assignments.
  • You must have your assignment notebook to go to the restroom, locker or hall pass.             
  • Sign in/out on  Pass Sheet on my desk
  • You will not be leaving my classroom if you don’t have an assignment notebook.


3..You need to bring your textbook,paper, pen(s), calculator and pencil(s) for math class


4. If you are given time to work on an assignment, you need to work on it during that time.   

   There is no “I’ll do it later.” Use your time wisely. (This is a good thing to remember in

   all your classes, not just mine.


This year is exciting for all of you because each of you have your own chromebook! This is a wonderful opportunity for you to complete assignments and turn them into teachers.  However, having a chromebook, does not mean it is on the entire class period.  Below are some guidelines for the use of chromebooks in my room.


Chromebook guidelines

1. Follow all district chromebook rules.


2.  Don’t forget your chromebook. Make sure you bring your chromebook to school.


3. Keep your chromebook charged. If it is not charged for class time you may not be able to charge it. You

will be using a desktop computer.


4. You are not to be checking grades turning instructional time. You will be given time to check your

grades on skyward during study strategies or during study hall.


5. You are to only  be on the website that is being used for the class period. Do not open other websites

when you are suppose to be on a website that I asked you to be on. If you are found to be on a website

that you are not to be on you will lose the privilege of using your chromebook in my classroom for a

period of time determined by me. If it occurs more often, you may lose the privilege indefinitely.


6. You are not to be working on class work for other classes during your class time in my room, unless I

okay it, with the exception of study hall time. 


7. You are not to be emailing anyone during class time.


8. You are not to be listening to  music when working on class assignments. There may  

    be  special times that I will allow it.



All students must follow all school policies and classroom rules. We have several classes going on in the classroom during some class periods; therefore, we need a quiet environment. Please respect the right of other students to have a quiet learning environment.. 

Being tardy and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated! If you are tardy three times, you will receive a detention. If your behavior is disruptive you will be asked to stop. If the behavior continues, you will be sent to the office and receive a detention.

Additional Help

When you need help on an assignment, I'm available during study hall,before school and after school to help. If you need help, please don't wait until the day it is due! Come for help right away.

Morning help -- by appointment

After school help -- until 3:30 or longer if prior arrangements are made

E-mail If you need help after the school day, I do check my email and can often respond to questions through email.

Absences and Make up work

After an absences, it is your responsibility to contact all your teachers to find out what assignment you have missed.Don’t fall behind with make up work!   I will be available to help you before or after school if need be to get caught up on make up work.